Photo Gallery - Past and Present

The photos on this page are taken from a variety of sources including the 1992 Bluejarian yearbook. Special thanks, as well, to the Taylors Falls Historical Society.
Kingsbury School
Kingsbury School 1914-1918
 Kingsbury School 1947
photo taken by Allan C Anderson

 TF School TF School 2008 
 Taylors Falls School, 1980
Taylors Falls School, 2008
 1st graders, 1920 Kindergartners, 2008
 1st graders, 1920 Kindergartners, 2008
6th graders, 1958  4th graders, 2008
6th Graders, 1958
 4th graders, 2008
Band, 1954 Band, 1992 
 Band, 1954
 Band, 1992
 Girls Basketball, 1915Boys Basketball, 1929 
 Girls Basketball, 1915
 Boys Basketball, 1929
 Six Man Football Team, 1945Marching at a Twins Game, 1992 
 Six Man Football Team, 1945
 Marching at a Twins Game, 1992
 Cherrleaders 19774th grade recess 2008 
 Volleyball Cheerleaders, 1977
 4th Grade Recess, 2008

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