Board of Trustees

The Foundation is managed and administered by a Board of Trustees. Board members may be any person, alumni, friend of the school, business-person or school faculty. A person recommended for the Board should be a good representative of the school community. The current Board includes:

Duane H. Olson (1958)

Deb Julik-Heine (1973)
Vice President/Secretary

Wayne Redland (1957)

Jerry Vitalis (1954)

Linda Grandstand (1967)       Randy Pearson (1967)
Charles Anderson (1968)        Steve Rivard (1974)
Rog Couillard                   LaVonne Johnson (1961)
Joe Thimm, Superintendent, ISD 2144
Jason Riebe, Principal, Taylors Falls Elementary
Liz Valleen, Parent of former Taylors Falls Elementary students and Website Manager

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